The All In One Cloud!
The All In One Cloud!
Special Plans For Family
       Family Discount!

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Hello Fam!

Since you are part of my blood, you can definitely receive the family discount!

We will charge less than half price for any of the plans you may be interested in, infact if you choose to combine a couple of plans your cost will still be cheap!

Family members can subscribe to Entertainment Cloud or any other plan for
$5.00 a month.  

If you would like to combine two plans like maybe Adult Entertainment Cloud, and Entertainment Cloud, then the cost to you as a family member is simply
$10.00 a month, and not the regular $25.99.

Family members will get 5gb of storage space in oppose to the 1gb that comes with these plans!

If you haven't gone through the site, and so you don't know exactly what's in these plans, please click on the clouds below to learn about them.

***P.S.  Please let all family members know that they can come here and receive this service with the family discount.            Contact them through facebook or however you normally holla at them.***

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Entertainment Cloud
If you are not a family member please click here you do not qualify  for these family discounts!!